Personal Goal: Photography – Some Successes!

It has been a little while since I´ve updated my blog, so be prepared for a small onslaught over the next day or so! I have had some successes with my personal goal so I have decided that this will be the first post I tackle 🙂

First off, I passed Module 9! I was a bit worried that my lack of sharpening technique would let me down, but I had written about the difficulties I had with sharpening, how I had tried some different techniques with a photo to show what I had tried, and it seems that being honest about my journey paid off, and I got some good tips and encouragement from my tutor so was quite relieved.

For this course that I am taking, they have a few different Facebook pages for their students and graduates to show off their work, get some help etc. I follow each page as I find that it can be helpful to see and connect with others that are going through this course as well (maybe closer to lurking really…). There is a particular page that runs a competition each month – you are given a theme for the month and the top 3 photos become the header for the next month, and so forth. With working on my module 10, I have been noticing that I am still not feeling very confident with my work, so I decided to enter. The theme was Yellow and there was quite a few people who had entered in these awesome images so almost backed out, but then I got this image in my mind and decided to enter, and I was chosen! So my image is now the header for this month :). Was really, really, really happy with myself for taking that first step. Lets hope that I continue to build myself up more, both in my personal and professional life.


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