Reflection – Goals 2016

Before I start to work on my new goals for the year, I thought it would be good to look back at my previous goals and the processes that I have explored and reflect on how I have gone over the last few months.

The Goal Setting Process

At the beginning of my blog I talked about a new process that I wanted to try that would help me to make a goal that I might actually be able to complete (You will find the links here: Goal Setting – A Different Way, Goal Setting – Brainstorming, and Goal Setting – Finalising and Implementing). The focus was a lot on making connections – I looked at how my goals could connect to myself and my values, why I was making these goals, and what I wanted to achieve with my goals. I found that making the time to sit down and really break down my goals and fully understand what I wanted and why, really helped me to keep focused on my goals.

I tried several different ways to keep my goals visible (another important aspect) and I found that having my goals written and placed in a spot that I would look and connect to my goals everyday worked really well. My spot of choice is above my light next to my bedroom door, so that every morning I would be reminded about what I wanted to achieve. I have decided to continue with this, and will create another ‘poster’ for my wall with my new goals, steps and outcomes.

My Goals: Professional 

For my professional goal I chose to focus on building up my presence on twitter and participating in #EdchatNZ twitter chats as part of my PD.  I also had to set up my professional blog. The idea was to blog about each twitter chat that I had participated in, as well as recording my progress with my goals and writing a bit about my experiences from a PD conference I attended during the year. For the first part I feel that I have been achieving what I wanted – I am getting a bit better at using twitter (meaning it only takes me 20 mins to tweet, rather than 30 min+!), and I participated in few of the twitter chats. I learnt how to send out tweets whenever I updated my blog, but I have only just discovered that I can link my twitter feed to my blog, so I may look at connecting my twitter to my blog account. My feed is a mix of personal and professional at the moment, so still haven’t decided if it is worth doing as of yet.

As for the recording part….. I don’t feel that I managed to blog as much as I wanted to. I did miss blogging about a couple of the #EdChatNZ chats, and there was a lot more things that I wanted to write about from the #EdChatNZ Conference I attended, but as this is my first blog I feel that I have done ok with the amount of posts I have been creating so far. Part of my new goals is to be a bit more regular with my blog posts, but the focus will be changing from just focusing on goals and PD to blogging more about my everyday experiences at work.

My Goals: Personal

I decided to set a personal goal as well as a professional goal as I felt that it would be good to share my progress in this area – even though it is not directly connected to work, it also shows the different skills and abilities that I am developing which will also be used in  working life as well. For example, my last personal goal required me to build up my time keeping skills, something that would be very handy at work as well!  For my personal goal I had chosen to complete a photography course that I had started but needed to put it on hold for a while. Having this goal written up and visible really did help me to work on this; I was able to push through and I am currently finishing my last assignment and will have a Diploma in Photography by the end of March (likely earlier though!). I feel that I had a better focus on this goal as it had very defined steps and a finish point that could be ticked off as I progressed, compared to my professional goal which had several different parts and was a bit more open in regards to deadlines etc. I will (hopefully!) keep this in mind when creating my new goals to see if this will help me to push forward a bit better this time round.

In the end, I was quite happy with this process of setting goals, and I feel that I have made progress in both the goals that I had set. This year I will start off with 2 professional goals as well a 1 personal goal, which I will post up next time.


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