Goal Setting -Term 1 2017

The start of this term has been pretty full on, but somehow I managed to create my first goals for this year. As I noted in my reflection from my last goals, I had decided to continue using this particular method of setting my goals. Once again the felt tips made their appearance as I worked through my possible goals, values and connecting everything together to create 3 goals that I really felt that I wanted to complete. I completed this over a weekend where I could just sit down and slowly work through it, and found it to be quite relaxing as I could take the time to mull and work out what I really wanted. I am not necessarily happy with the way I worded a couple of things, but they still get my intentions across so I have decided to go easy on myself (this time!).



As you can see from the image above (a lot tidier than my last brainstorm!), I have chosen to work on 3 of my goals. For the professional side I have chosen to work on goal 3: Building and working on my professional blog (focusing on experience) and goal 4: Working on building stronger connections. My personal goal is to continue with my photography – building a portfolio and blog/website. I noticed that a lot of my goals connected with my value of independence – it would be interesting (for me at least!) to explore some of my values at a later date to understand what I mean when I say ‘independence’, ‘strength’, ‘respect’, as they seemed to gain different meanings depending on what I was connecting them to. But I will not diverge!

Defining and Refining

Once I have the general idea of what my goals will look like, I  had to refine and rewrite my goals to be as specific as possible, work out the steps I would need to take and define what my outcomes will be. This process helps to cement these goals into my being (hopefully). The final part was creating a visual cue to act as a prompt so that I don’t lose sight of my goals and bury them in the back of my mind, never to be heard of again. I went shimmery this time and got some metallic vivids and gel pens and scored this nice purple card from work.


A little bit crooked, but I am pretty impressed with how it turned out. I am a bit of a magpie so shiny things tend to attract my attention – there’s no way I will be walking past this poster without looking!

My Goals

Professional Goal 1: To continue to build my professional blog with the focus on recording my experiences as a TA/Learning Support.

Steps to Take:
Note down observations and/or experiences through out the day
Try to blog regularly – maybe set a # blog posts per term/week/month etc
Look at creating a schedule for blog posts
Be more confident with my thoughts and opinions
Don’t stress over language – keep it sounding natural. No need to force it to be formal sounding.

Outcome: I will build and maintain a blog the reflects my professional self! (journey might of been a better word, so will use both)


Professional Goal 2: To build stronger professional connections and to work on building up my communication skills.

Steps to Take:
Try to attend school events
Connect to other co-workers twitter/blogs
Spend morning tea in staffroom
Be more confident when approaching others
– plan what to say
– deep breaths
– speak slowly

Outcome: I will gain better communication skills and have stronger professional connections!


Personal Goal: continue to work on my photography by building up my portfolio and creating my own personal blog dedicated to my photography.

Steps to Take:
Finish previous personal goal (completing PI course)
Start working on designing a new blog
Make time to focus on building up my portfolio
Look at online courses/videos to continue to build up my photography/editing skills
Make mini goals to help focus

Outcome: I will create a photography blog that will share and record my journey as I continue to build up my skill s as a photographer!


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