Personal Goal: Photography – Module 11 Complete!


Module 11 was all about the Final 6 – the start of building your portfolio. It was also the final assignment that needed to be submitted for the course. I was required to choose a particular field that I felt I was strong in, and submit my 6 best photos that I felt showed a range of my skills and abilities. For me, I felt that my strongest images tended towards wildlife/animals, so that was the field I decided to create a portfolio for.

Originally I had a few different types of shots planned as I wanted to show variety – I could of done all 6 on my cats but felt that it wouldn’t encourage me to use different techniques. I didn’t want them to all look the same. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get all the shots that I wanted – I was running out of time and I was also starting back at work so was quite busy. Some of the planned shots didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped so had to go for the back up plan. I really wanted to have an image of pigeons in  a cityscape; most of my images tend to be more natural so thought it would be a good contrast, so I went into the city for the day with my grand idea. Been a while since I had been into town so was caught out when I went to the spot I had planned and discovered that not only had they redesigned the area, but the hoards of pigeons that lived there when I was younger had moved onto better pastures….  spent most of the day trying to find their new hiding spots. Never occurred to me that it would be that difficult to find pigeons in the city! I did end up finding some, but while some of the images were good, they weren’t what I had planned, and none felt right for my portfolio. It is a bit of a mission to get into town so time dictated that I had to go for another option for my portfolio. I haven’t completely shelved my idea though – one day I will get my image!

For the most part though I was quite happy with the images I had chosen. My favourite was the caterpillar and the ‘fish thief’, and have discovered that I enjoyed attending equestrian events and even managed to have a chat with some of the regular event photographers that do the circuits. Most are freelancers who place the photos on their website/Facebook page and send the link to the clubs so that anyone can pursue and buy their shots – sounds like an interesting way to take my hobby up to the next step. It is a possibility to think about at least.

My Final 6

(I has saved then as low res so hopefully still clear!)

All that’s left to do is read Module 12 (no assignment required), and wait for my Diploma to arrive in the mail! Yay!








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