Term 2 – Goals Revised

Today marks the first day back for Term 2, and I have gone over my goals and looked at what my next steps will be. In my last post, I had noted that I was having a bit of trouble working towards my goals – mostly because of time constraints – so I have broken my goals down a bit more (and one case, replaced it) so that I can start off the term on the right foot. For the most part, the goals and expectations have remained the same, I have just looked at creating smaller tasks to help me to get the ball rolling.

Goal 1: Professional Goal – Working on Professional Blog

For this goal I am going to start focusing on noting down my observations. I found that I didn’t really have a place to take any notes down during classes, and I wasn’t finding the time to create and use a google doc as originally planned, so by the time I decided to create a post, I had forgotten what I wanted to write about. So I have decided that I will buy a small notebook and keep it in my bag so that I can just quickly pull it out and scribble down any thoughts/observations whenever I can. I will also try to make an effort to reflect on the day each afternoon so that I build up a routine of writing my thoughts down. My next step once I have some material will be looking at creating mini posts, rather than the larger posts that I tend to write all the time. By mixing it up a bit I am more likely to find the time depending on what I would like to write about, without having to worry about whether I need to make my posts longer etc. Eventually I would like to look at creating a schedule, but will see.

Goal 2: Personal Goal – Creating Photography Blog

I think part of the problem I have with this goal is that I don’t really know where to start. For this blog the main purpose has been to write about my professional work so the set up has been pretty straight forward – a blog roll and some pages that are connected to my work. My photography blog on the other hand is a way for me to present my work out to the public, and could become a way for me to generate some work on the side of my main job, so it needs to be set up in the most effective way from the start. So my first task to work on will be to start researching website design by looking at other photographer’s sites to get a better understanding of what works, and what I would like my site to look like. Since I have late starts, I will look at dedicating one morning a week before work to focus on this goal.

Goal 3: Professional Goal – Change

Last term I had chosen to work on building up my communication skills and relationships, but over the holidays I have decided to put this goal on the back burner as I really need to focus on my Inquiry this term. This year the Learning Support Team is required to complete an Inquiry alongside the teaching staff, so it has been a big learning curve. Time to work on this last term was non-existent so we are a little behind on our Inquiry. It has been a bit daunting as we also need to learn more about how the framework we are using ‘Spiral of Inquiry’ works, as I haven’t had to focus on using it before. Once again, time is going to be our biggest hurdle – we are working in pairs so we need to make a time in the week which we can dedicate to our Inquiry during work hours, which is going to be quite hard as our timetables are pretty full on. So my first step for this goal is to look at our timetable, and see how we can make it work for us. I will also look at doing some more reading up on ‘Spirals of Inquiry’, so I have a better understanding about what is expected of me. I won’t lie; I am quite concerned about how we are going to be able to complete this Inquiry – if last term is anything to go by, I wonder if we have been given a bit too much extra work on top of a full schedule. There is not much wiggling room at the moment to find time for Inquiries, blogs (for appraisals) and Critical Friends alongside our standard duties. But our timetable does change from term to term, so this term may be a lot different for us schedule wise (heres hoping!!!).

Hopefully by breaking down my goals this way, I will have more progress this term.





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