Professional Development: SAC

It’s already week 3 and it has been a good start to Term 2. We have settled in nicely and there is more of a flow going on compared to last term. It is looking to be a busy term though! We have a few sessions of training booked in, as well as STAP Meetings (formerly IEP Meetings, read our SENco’s blog post about why we have moved away from the standard IEP here).

Our Supported Learning Team have been doing some PD training with the RTLB (Resource Teachers Learning and Behaviour) team to help with SAC testing. SAC stands for  Special Assessment Conditions (The education sector reallly likes using acronyms!), so this testing helps us to gather information to see if a student would require assistance when completing exams, assessed practicals etc. Some of the ways that the student can be assisted are:

  • Reader
  • Writer or computer
  • Separate Accommodation
  • Extra Time
  • Rest Breaks

Our job is to complete a test with the student to measure their reading and comprehension abilities. We also record the time that they take to finish reading the passage (but they have no time limit). If they have good comprehension but are low in reading, or reading takes them a long time then they can apply for SAC funding. If they do not meet this criteria then we can look at a different way to help them get the support that helps them best. We collect this data  and then hand it onto our SENco, who crunches these numbers (alongside work samples etc), and then apply for SAC funding. If the student is approved, then one of our team will be assigned to help the student during their exams/practicals (or whenever they have been given approval for). This is but one of the many other ways that we can assist our students aside from the standard contact time during class, which is the general way that people see us working. So far we have attended 1 session, and will be having another session shortly.


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