Personal Goal: Photography Website Twitter Fail……

During lunch today I decided to sit down and work out some of my next steps to move forward on setting up my photography blog, and felt that I should set up a twitter account. Easy right? I managed to get my user name (yay!), added an image to my profile (easy done), and then went into my setting to turn off email notifications, double check privacy settings etc so I would be all set to go on sending out my first tweet as Azura Skies Photography…. and then Boom. Account Locked.



There was a general write up about suspicious activity etc etc, and to follow the prompts to unlock, so I clicked on the button, which led me to a page that wanted my phone number… which I haven’t actually connected to my Twitter account (and nor do I want to). I don’t see why they need that information so I don’t feel comfortable giving them my personal contact details. My mobile number is only for those who I know. No other option was made available so I clicked on the help button, found the support form and had to justify why I thought that my locked account should be reopened. Can take a couple of days for a reply. Not Happy. Specified in my write up that I did not want a phone number associated to my account so hopefully they will unlock it on their end. Really frustrating that I am having so much problems with this.


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