Getting Ready for the Practise NCEA Exams – SAC Support

This week is going to be a bit different for our team. Instead of following our normal timetables, we will all be providing exam support for the practise NCEA exams for any student that has received SAC support. This is far more formal than any previous testing that we have done before, which is why these exams give both ourselves and the students a practice before we go into the real thing at the end of Term 4. Each student also has their own special requirements covered by SAC so the support required will be different in each exam. Sounds a bit scary but it feels like we will be fine – we have a flow chart that steps through the process we have to follow, and we have a good support team around us so if we have any questions, there is someone who can explain it to us. We’re probably more nervous than the students! These exams are quite important for these students (the formal ones, not the practice!) so I want to make sure that I don’t do anything that accidentally messes things up for the student/s and affects their results – I would be gutted if that happened. The likelihood is that I am putting more pressure on myself than actually required. I think I will feel better once I have my first exam under my belt.


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