Term 4!

Term 4 has just started and it is going to be a busy 9 weeks ahead of us! Some of our students will be starting new spin classes, others will be settling back into their routines, and we will be starting to think ahead towards a new year and all the excitement that comes with finishing up the school year. We will also be hosting a workshop at the Annual HPS Parent Conference as well, where we will be discussing SAC – how it works, how we test etc to help parents gain a better understanding of how we support students as they head towards NCEA. Some of our older students have also started working on collecting credits, so we as a team will likely start gaining a better understanding of how this works and what to look for when working in the classroom with any of our students. Last term was really good at finding out how this is will look for our students, and it would be good to be able to further our understanding so that by next year we can hit the ground running when it comes to our senior students! It’s only going to get busier from here on out, but I think we’re ready for it!


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