Term 4!

Term 4 has just started and it is going to be a busy 9 weeks ahead of us! Some of our students will be starting new spin classes, others will be settling back into their routines, and we will be starting to think ahead towards a new year and all the excitement that comes with … Continue reading Term 4!


Getting Ready for the Practise NCEA Exams – SAC Support

This week is going to be a bit different for our team. Instead of following our normal timetables, we will all be providing exam support for the practise NCEA exams for any student that has received SAC support. This is far more formal than any previous testing that we have done before, which is why these … Continue reading Getting Ready for the Practise NCEA Exams – SAC Support

First step towards my goals complete! Introducing my colourful little notebook that I will be using to jot down my observations and thoughts throughout the day. Feeling pretty pleased with myself at the moment 🙂