Term 2 – Goals Revised

Today marks the first day back for Term 2, and I have gone over my goals and looked at what my next steps will be. In my last post, I had noted that I was having a bit of trouble working towards my goals - mostly because of time constraints - so I have broken … Continue reading Term 2 – Goals Revised


Goals Check In Term 1

So we we are now at the end of Term 1 and it time to check in with my goals! I will admit, it probably isn't going to look too good at the moment as this term has been pretty full on. Some weeks it felt like I was just clinging to the edge of … Continue reading Goals Check In Term 1

Goal Setting – Finalising and Implementing

After working through the steps from my previous posts (Goal Setting and Brainstorming), I have finally settled on 2 goals which I would like to work on, as well as deciding on some techniques that I think will help me with achieving them. So without further ado, My Goals....... *cue corny music* Professional Goal To continue … Continue reading Goal Setting – Finalising and Implementing