Professional Development: SAC

It's already week 3 and it has been a good start to Term 2. We have settled in nicely and there is more of a flow going on compared to last term. It is looking to be a busy term though! We have a few sessions of training booked in, as well as STAP Meetings … Continue reading Professional Development: SAC


End of Year Reflection (Short and Sweet!)

I haven't really written about my general work on my blog yet, but felt that it would be quite nice to round up my thoughts as it gets close to the last working day of this year (one of the benefits of working term times!). This year has been a lot more settled; we now … Continue reading End of Year Reflection (Short and Sweet!)

Professional Goal: #EdChatNZ Twitter Chat – Inquiry Learning

I have a confession to make: I was very very late to this discussion. Like, Q5 late. Unfortunately life happened but I was fortunate that I was still able to participate (more watched but I did get to add a couple of tweets) in the conversation about something that is an integral part of the … Continue reading Professional Goal: #EdChatNZ Twitter Chat – Inquiry Learning

PD, Conferences and the TA: Day 1 of EdChatNz

Earlier in the year I attended a conference organised by #EdchatNz. #EdChatNz originally started off as a hashtag on twitter where educators could connect and discuss and question ideas and conceptions around Education.  I came across them when I was sent a link to sign up for their free MOOC (massively open online course I … Continue reading PD, Conferences and the TA: Day 1 of EdChatNz

Goal Setting – Finalising and Implementing

After working through the steps from my previous posts (Goal Setting and Brainstorming), I have finally settled on 2 goals which I would like to work on, as well as deciding on some techniques that I think will help me with achieving them. So without further ado, My Goals....... *cue corny music* Professional Goal To continue … Continue reading Goal Setting – Finalising and Implementing